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About Aleoba Advertising


We enjoy to see your business grow by the day. Aleoba advertising takes your online and offline business to the eyes of millions of people around the world. We hit most of responsive social media and search engines.

We create daily posts to social media pages and we create advertainments on your behalf looking at the target market and the product response. We analyses the overall response and see which clientele is more interested in your products or services Globally.

All this will be enabled by the type of the Marketing Plan you will prefer. We offer tree types of marketing plans, Simple Marketing, Standard Marketing and Premium Marketing

Simple Marketing

This marketing plan offers the daily social media posting on Facebook page, Face book group, Twitter, and Pinterest. We will create the social media pages for you at no additional costs if you do not have any. We also create a google analytics page that will help you track the performance of your business.

Standard Marketing

Standard Marketing plan offers everything that the simple plan offers and more. Facebook page, Face book group, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Account, MailChimp Account, Email Marketing, and Google Analytics Account. We dedicate $55 monthly on adverts to help boost the traffic.

Premium Marketing

The best marketing plan to push your business to the front line. This marketing plan offers every mentioned on the above plans and more. Facebook page, Face book group, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Account, MailChimp Account, Email Marketing, and Google Analytics Account, Google AdSense Account, Google Merchant Center Account, Bing Ads Account, Niche Targeting, and Monthly Ads set-up. We dedicate $150 on monthly ads in search engines.  

If you do not have any of the above accounts, once you become a member, we help you set them up at no additional cost. We manage them daily as we monitor the response of the targeted audients and the search ranking of your business. This will help you see the best areas you can grow your business.

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Let us do you work as you sit back and watch how your business will grow.

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    I would like to give Aleoba a try using Simple Marketing. I see it’s affordable and I hope it works for me.

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